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About this platform

This platform was founded by The Gender Foundation, which is a charity organisation created by 2pass Clinic. We are looking for volunteers to manage the platform in the future, as we are aware the link to a private clinic is considered an obstacle in regards to feeling safe. However, for those who wonder, we guarantee each and every review that complies with the general conditions, appears online! For feedback, questions or remarks, contact us at info@transitionreviews.com

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Frequently asked

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  • What is the purpose of transitionreviews.com?

    We want to create an independent platform where everyone who has ever had a treatment carried out somewhere can leave a review about both the treatment and the person who carried it out (the practitioner). This platform aims to map out everything in such a way that the visitors of this website get an overview of where to find the best practitioner and which treatments yield the desired result.

  • Why do I need to send proof that the procedure has taken place?

    We want to be able to ensure as well as possible that this platform only consists of real reviews. This allows us to guarantee that neither false positive nor false negative reviews can appear. This way, we prevent certain procedures by certain professionals from getting a distorted image. We aim for an accurate representation, creating a reliable point of reference for anyone who seeks information about a particular treatment.

  • Where is my personal information stored? Is this safe?

    This is a test phase of the platform, we will upload our privacy policy as soon as possible. None of the personal information that you send us to verify your review, will be stored. It will be deleted immediately after the verification phase.

  • Can my information ever end up in the hands of third parties?

    No, absolutely not.

  • Will my identity be disclosed when my review comes online?

    No, no one can find out who wrote which review. No names are mentioned.

  • Why is it I cannot respond to a review?

    There are already enough places on the Internet where people can respond and discuss. If you read something that reminds you of your own experience, you can simply write a review yourself! That way, your voice will be heard!

    We want to avoid ‘noise’ as much as possible. The focus is on finding a specific treatment by a specific specialist efficiently, based on the opinions of people who have undergone the treatment themselves.

  • Can my review be removed?

    Your review can be removed or censored if you do not observe our terms and conditions.

  • Can I dispute a review?

    If you think a review does not meet the terms and conditions, you can dispute a review using our contact form. If we agree that the review indeed does not meet the requirements set by us, we will first give the writer the opportunity to adjust the review. If he or she fails to do so, we will remove the text. However, the score will always be included in the calculations.

  • Can I edit/delete my review afterwards?

    You can always have your review removed by us. If you want to change your review, we can remove your exiting review so you can write a new one.

  • What are the conditions for a review to appear on the site?

    Very simple: keep it respectful and send us the required documents in time.

  • Why can’t I post a review until four months after my surgery?

    It is only after four months after surgery that you get an accurate picture of the result. Your body must be given time to recover. Note: it often takes longer than four months to see the final result.

  • Why can’t I share photos or videos of my results?

    Photos or videos can be manipulated to make results look better or worse. We want to avoid that distorted images are put online.

  • Why can I post only one review per practitioner for all my procedures?

    To keep a clear overview, everyone gets one vote per practitioner. You can select all the procedures this practitioner performed on you when writing your review.