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  • Stan Monstrey, MD

    Belgium 1 reviews 68%

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Written May 2018.

I had two consultations with him. When I met him during my first consultation it had been a very long wait to only have seen him for about five minutes. In those five minutes he told me what all of the possible procedures with him would be at the stage I was at. I hadn't yet had any surgeries at all at that time. He just gave me a quick summary of everything. It wasn't exactly a pleasant experience because it doesn't feel like he cares.

During my second consultation, I had to tell him what I had decided I wanted to do. I wanted a tracheal shave, a breast augmentation, and an orchiectomy (castration). Again, he didn't seem very concerned about me as a person, he didn't seem interested. He told me I probably needed a B-cup, and let me try some breast implants. Again, this entire consultation only took about five minutes. The trying out of the implants went so fast I had no idea what was going on, nor how I felt about my body when I looked in the mirror. He didn't give me much if any information about pain after surgery, about possible complications, about what to expect in general. I walked out feeling extremely insecure, but I decided to go through with the surgeries because at that moment I did not have any idea that there would be other surgeons out there that could help me, because I was very young and i did not have access to any other information. If I had known, I would have picked a different surgeon.

After the surgery I never saw him again. He never checked up on me after all of my surgeries. Only one assistant after the other, and never the same one twice. Also for my post-op I just saw more assistants. And those are things I do expect, to see him at least again once. I understand these people are very busy, but at least five minutes of his time would have been nice.

How I feel about the procedures themselves: I am not happy about my tracheal shave, he did not shave enough. I will need another surgery for that, which feels really annoying to have to go through it all over again. It could have been done right from the start. I am not satisfied with my breast augmentation either. My breasts look like they are too far apart and I always need to wear push up bras to get the feeling they look more natural.

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Body feminization surgery
  • Adam’s apple construction
  • Breast augmentation
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