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  • Kariann Baetens

    Belgium 1 reviews 100%

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Written May 2018.

Kariann is very sweet. Seeing her changed so much for me. At the very beginning I was not open to surgeries at all. I was incredibly scared about the pain but also I was scared maybe I wouldn't feel different after the surgeries. Maybe I wouldn't feel better about myself as a woman. She helped me reflect about myself and about what I really wanted, without pushing me in any directions. In the end it helped me be more comfortable with myself to make the decision to have certain surgeries. So comfortable I already really felt like a woman before the surgeries.

She also helped my mother a lot. My mom has always been very open to my process and never pushed me, but I knew the entire process was also hard for the people who are close to me. Kariann really listened to her feelings and her thoughts as well, which helped my mom to be the best support she could be. The first two sessions I went to were together with my mom, from the third time onward I went in alone. Because each session became slightly more personal. But even with the really personal questions, involving my sex life etc, she always made me feel comfortable. It was never awkward. I absolutely recommend her. I was always impressed with how interested and caring she was, she always remembered exactly what we talked about and how I felt the last time.

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