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  • Christine McGinn, MD

    United States 1 reviews 84%

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Written June 2018.

I had primary vaginoplasty with Dr. McGinn in late 2017. I am highly satisifed with my outcome and would recommend Dr. McGinn to others considering this procedure.

Specific Positives
1. Surgery greatly reduced gender dysphoria and improved self-confidence
2. Pain was well-controlled and mostly gone after a month
3. I was comfortably able to return to work after 6 weeks
4. More than 5 inches of depth
5. Able to orgasm within 8 weeks of surgery
6. Able to enjoy penetrative intercourse with male partner within 12 weeks of surgery
7. No serious complications
8. Office staff, nurses, and physician assistants were excellent

Specific Negatives
1. Some excessive labial skin that affects aesthetics (probably correctable)
2. Some loss of clitoral tissue
3. At 6 months post-op, still experiencing significant discharge
4. Greater difficulty orgasming and reduced genital sensitivity, relative to before surgery
5. "On your own" mentality as it relates to dealing with insurance problems
6. Dr. McGinn is very brusque. Excluding our initial consult, I would estimate that she has talked to me for less than 10 minutes. This includes the immediate period before surgery and all subsequent follow-ups.

My satisfaction:
Value for money:
My improvement:
I felt safe:
Gender re-assignment surgery
  • Labiaplasty
  • Orchiectomy
There have been complications.
  • How serious were these complications? Minimal
  • How well has the practitioner reacted to the complication(s)? Excellent
  • To what extent has the problem caused by the complication been resolved? Resolved completely